Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A letter from a contributor

Sometimes, along with their contribution of transit tickets, people include letters. This one is lovely, and I wanted you all to read it, because it is about all of you who have contributed:
Thank you for all you've done to help those in need.

I gave up my car three years ago and haven't missed it a bit. I love public transportation and the extra time it allows me to catch up on good reading - not to mention people watching!

By using and supporting public transportation, I'm hoping to influence its future improvements and extensions. Again, thank you for helping those in need get mobilized and independent.

God bless you,

As I said, this is to YOU, contributors. You're doing a great thing here! Let's keep going, through the holiday season. Please send your friends and neighbors here if they'd like to help. Here's how to donate.

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