Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family Bridge Homeless Shelter is next

As the donations keep coming in, the need increases. Here's a letter from our latest recipient.

Our families are have extremely low income --usually consisting of only TANF and food assistance. When funds allow we purchase TriMet tickets and gas cards (if they are lucky enough to have a vehicle) to help families get to and from work, seek employment and participate in activities to help them become self-sufficient. I am hopeful that you could sponsor the Family Bridge Shelter Program so we might become recipients and receive transportation assistance.
- Annie, Executive Director, Family Bridge

We'll be giving ten books of tickets (100 rides for people in need. Good job folks) to Family Bridge.

So, to date:
-Yolanda House
-Outside In
-The Inn Independent Living Center
-VOA Family Relief Nursery
-Family Bridge Shelter

I'll be selecting several more recipients in the next week. If you know a program in need, let me know.

And, as always, should you feel like making a donation, here's how!

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