Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bradley Angle House is next

Our next recipient is Bradley Angle House. Bradley Angle was the first domestic violence shelter on the west coast, and today provides an amazing range of services to those in need. Please visit the website to learn more about what the folks at Bradley Angle do, and to learn more about other ways you can help.

Becca from Bradley Angle says:
As you've been hearing from other organizations, transportation is at the top of the list of barriers our participants face. Participants need transportation to find permanent housing, access resources, go to interviews, job training, counseling sessions, medical or legal appointments, court dates, and acquire clothing and personal care items for themselves and their children. Pretty much everything that someone needs to take action to change their lives and develop self-sufficiency requires transportation! So really, what your project is talking about, and what we're doing every day, is about movement--literally (bus tickets) and figuratively (empowerment and self-sufficiency). The majority of our participants arrive at our programs with few belongings and little to no finances. They do not have the resources to purchase bus tickets needed to make the trips necessary for them to acquire services and goods to help them move forward in their lives. By having access to public transportation participants are taking back control, and taking back their lives.

Look at the wish list - bus tickets. Or, gift cards, in part because they can be used to buy bus tickets. Before I started this project, I had absolutely no idea how deep the need is for transportation. It's becoming more and more clear that more help is needed. Please consider donating transit tickets. Here's how.

Ten books of transit tickets, 100 rides, are on their way to Bradley Angle house. So many more are needed. Keep those donations coming! And, thank you!

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