Friday, November 25, 2011

More publicity! More tickets! More love!

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, everyone!

Holiday Fare was featured on KGW-TV's "Live @ 7" tonight!

I'm on the new Portland Afoot podcast!

My fiancée and I threw an "orphan dinner party" yesterday afternoon for friends who weren't able to travel to see family. It's an annual tradition. Yesterday brought a new wrinkle, though... guests brought books of transit tickets! I guess I need to accept that I really am "That Transit Guy."

The mail continues to bring lots of tickets every day. Yolanda house is getting 20 books of tickets, instead of the ten I'd originally planned, because the need is so great and you all have given me the means to step up our donation. Great work, philanthropists!

Here's the "how to donate" page. And, if you can't donate this year, just spread the word. The more people know about this, the more tickets we collect - and the more free rides people receive.

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