Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tickets are pouring in! And walking in!

I had a wonderful experience this morning - I was called out of a staff meeting. Usually, that means I've got a client in crisis who needs to be seen immediately. Today, though, it meant something else entirely. A woman was standing in the waiting room, three books of bus tickets in hand. She told me a little bit about her family, and how she had kids who took the bus and she couldn't imagine someone being unable to get around. She handed me the tickets and told me that she appreciated what I was doing.

I told her that SHE was doing it. All I've done is put an idea to work. You all are doing the rest. The idea is about love and caring, and ideas about love can't miss. She handed those tickets over with love for her fellow humans, even though she had no idea who she was helping.

I got a text from my fiancee when I was on the MAX on my way home - "You have 17 Holiday Fare envelopes waiting for you." Amazing. Counting up just today's donations was so much fun - over 15 books of tickets and FIFTY all day passes.

And tomorrow's mail will bring more. As I said to Joe Rose of the Oregonian, there's no end to the need. I will easily be able to give away every single ticket I get from all of you. And there will be more need after that.

Here's how to donate. Please share this link with your friends and neighbors. Giving is easy, and it makes such a huge difference to people in your community.

Thanks! I'll keep you updated!

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