Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Joe Rose, AKA @pdxcommute on Twitter, AKA the "Hard Drive" guy for the Oregonian, rode with me on my commute yesterday. He's going to profile me in his column in this coming Saturday's Oregonian - I'll be sure to link it when it hits the stands (and the nets). I'm excited to get more exposure for the Holiday Fare project!

In the meantime, take a few minutes, log in to, and send a book of transit tickets! Here's how to donate.

I'm getting realllllllly close to being able to give tickets to Yolanda House. Maybe your donation will put me over the top!


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Did you see this in the RiderInsider (Trimet's enewsletter) recently?
    "Got old tickets lying around? Use 'em up soon.
    In 2009, we added a foil strip to our tickets for better security and to help speed up the fare inspection process. Now, we're phasing out all of the older-style tickets. So check your backpack, purse, wallet or junk drawer for old TriMet tickets (without a foil strip), and be sure to use them up by spring of next year—when they'll no longer be accepted as valid fare."
    We've got some old ones, and I'll send them your way! As long as someone uses them by Spring, they should be okay.